Casio XW-G1 vs Casio CTK-7000

This is just a short ramble giving my thoughts on the Casio XW-G1 and the Casio CTK-7000.

My first thought is "should I even be comparing the two instruments as they are so different?" but it's something that I'll enjoy doing on paper. I may do a full rant on this one day as I really feel that Casio have shown that they have the technology to make an amazing workstation.

In short - the fact that you can create a 16 Bar loop on the CTK-7000 is amazing but you are limited to two drum tracks and the quantize is either straight 16s or triplets (16T). With the XW-G1 you can have more drum tracks and apply the % of groove that you prefer. The problem lies in that you have to focus on one bar at a time and have to then chain the bars together to create a longer groove.

At the moment I prefer the XW-G1 over the CTK-7000 due to the fact I am obsessed with being able to record different sounds without stopping (it's a shame that all the sounds are merged into one signal and not separate tracks).
The last comment would have to be the synthesis features of the G1. The fact that you ca program, save and sample an 808 Boom on such a cheap keyboard is great to me.

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  1. Agree, looping withot stopping looks like a lot of fun. Woulb be great, if the recording would have multiple tracks. Do you know any product that does that (+sampling)?

  2. Hi, I think the most common are the boss RC products. I have the RC-300 which can do 3 stereo tracks. The RC-505 can do 5. There is a roland keuboard that can do this but using MIDI. The FA-06 or 08.


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